Performative Allyship: the 55% of White women that voted for Trump

On Friday, Nov. 6, many of us rejoiced as President-elect Biden crept ahead in the polls in Pennsylvania and Georgia, securing the election.

However, according to the New York Times 2020 Exit Polls, 55% of white women voted for Trump.

These are the same women who we saw posting Black Lives Matter over the summer in response to George Floyd’s death. Collectively, I imagine all Black people knew this to be a performance. All of the corporate commitments and random acts of allyship meant nothing without true change. Did anyone else care if Cleveland was voiced by a White actor? Pomp, circumstance, and distractions from the real issues that plague our community time and time again. All we wanted was accountability and consequences.

A vote for Trump is a blatant disregard for the underrepresented groups in this country. Four years of rampant white supremacy, poor leadership, and verbal and physical attacks on Black people are more than enough. But 55% of White women said “Four more years.”

The fact of the matter is, White people could have voted for a third party candidate and their lives would charge very little, if at all. That is privilege. This election was life or death for underrepresented groups, Black people specifically. We showed up in record breaking numbers because our livelihood depended on it. Until White people start recognizing that they truly have privilege and use it to the benefit of the country, not just themselves, we will continue to be a divided nation.

To the White women and men who didn’t vote for Trump, it’s time to truly stand up. You may lose friends and family that don’t agree, but it hails in comparison to White supremacy killing our children, fathers, and mothers.

Call out your peers and family for their racist views. You can’t compromise with people who choose hate, period. Ask to understand, not to react. If Black people feel a way, based on centuries of treatment from White people, your job is not to respond with “we’ll i’m different,” “not all,” “let the past go,” and whatever other rebuttal. Your job is to try to understand and listen to centuries of pain, you don’t have to defend your race.

Take one for the team. One thing is for sure, Black people show up for people that have our back. Show up for us.



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