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Corporate america's diversity and inclusion efforts have historically failed Black employees. We know there are many other groups that need to be lifted up, and there are many organizations and platforms dedicated to that purpose. A simple search will lead you to the platform you need to reach your specific goals. We want an inclusive culture for all and that needs to include Black employees. If you feel differently, this probably isn't the platform for you and that's okay.
Black Owned and Hiring (BOH) is a career development platform for Black professionals. We are an online career community intended to improve the Black job experience and work-life balance. The BOH platform provides anonymous job reviews, interview tips, diversity and inclusion initiatives and companies' culture towards Black employees, enabling Black professionals to get the inside scoop on company culture and find organizations which believe in racial equality. It's for anyone who knows systemic racism exists and wants to be apart of a better experience for all Black people.

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We are open to partnering with companies with the same mission of inclusive work cultures. We offer Employer Branding services and job posting packages for recruiters. Contact us for more information.