Every $ Counts

Black Owned & Hiring is a new tech platform changing how Black applicants apply for jobs, through corporate transparency and resources.

As companies are being exposed for having a toxic, racist work environment, where can Black applicants turn to ensure their next position will be healthy for them?

Launched in 2020, Black Owned and Hiring is a career planning platform dedicated to changing how black and brown applicants apply for jobs through corporate transparency, curated content, and resources.

We are 100% Black-owned and will keep it that way. BOH will be the source for black and brown candidates looking to do their due diligence on a companies treatment of Black employees as well as their diversity and inclusion initiatives. We want to normalize company research before accepting an interview and unknowingly walking into a toxic work environment.

The struggles Black founders face funding their projects are well documented. It’s even worse for Black women. We need your help to continue expanding our platform to become the #1 career resource for Black professionals.

Your Contribution Will Help Us With…


The BOH platform will include premium company profiles that highlight leadership demographic information, curated company reviews as told by Black employees and our allies, and a custom scoring model to help applicants find safe and healthy work environments.

Company profiles will also give companies that are truly “doing the work” a chance to really shine and attract top diverse candidates. For companies that need to improve their DEI practices, BOH will give them the insight they need to make change and hold them accountable for the sake of future Black applicants.

Additionally, BOH will include a database of Black-owned businesses and highlight their company data, as well as open professional positions. It’s okay to want to work with and for people who look like you.

Lastly, our platform will create custom content, newsletters, webcasts and more. We need more resources that are written for Black professionals at work.

Shout out to Analog Teams, our web development partner!


Building a platform as robust as this will require a heavy lift for collecting data, not only from companies but also from current and former employees. Our team is currently looking for the best solutions to collect and manage this data to create the best user experience.


We currently have volunteers helping us to maintain this platform. We need funding to pay our team members and hire talent to help us grow and expand our reach.