• Sectors Internet
  • Posted Jobs 1
  • Company Size 0 to 50 Employees
  • Black Representation

  • Black-Owned Company Yes
  • Black % in Workforce 0

Company Description

Esusu is the leading financial technology firm capturing rental payment data and reporting it into the credit bureaus. Historically rental payments have not been incorporated in consumer credit scores leading to a fundamental disparity between home-owners and renters. Access to credit (or lack thereof) also plays a significant role in many of the structural inequalities we see in society today including the racial wealth gap. However with legislative changes and a shift in strategy from the credit bureaus, this rental payment data is now accepted into credit bureaus. Esusu has built the market-leading platform to capture, transform, and report this data into the credit bureaus at scale by partnering with large multifamily owners/operators. Concurrently we provide tenants with a mobile application to view their credit score, check their rental history, and connect with additional service providers.

The ability for consumers to build credit from rental payments is an important one, enabling the 45 million+ thin or no credit file consumers to have a pathway into the financial system. This can enable an individual to save $200,000 in lifetime interest payments, qualify for mortgage loans, and pass job screening requirements. The transformational impact of this cannot be understated.