• Sectors Non-Profit
  • Posted Jobs 2
  • Company Size 0 to 50 Employees
  • Black Representation

  • Black-Owned Company Yes

Company Description

DivInc transforms the existing entrepreneur tech ecosystem into a more authentically inclusive environment. Through our efforts, we inspire, empower and enable underrepresented founders to build successful high growth businesses. We aim to unleash the untapped and hidden innovative talent within our communities and generate an entrepreneur mindset shift for generations to come.

We believe diversity and inclusion drive innovation. Through our programming, we help build a more authentically inclusive innovation ecosystem. Since 2016, we’ve provided 64 founders and 49 tech and tech enabled companies with critical strategies to succeed and grow their startups.

Our Mission:

DivInc bridges the gap between underrepresented entrepreneurs and the resources they need to build profitable, high-growth companies.