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01. The #BlackatWork Experience

See how Black professionals feel working at

There is only one Black executive in the Csuite, which proves diversity and inclusion is not part of the company DNA even though our stores service under developed minority areas. The front line employees are predominantly people of color.

Family Dollar/Dollar Tree

Toxic for Black Professionals

Verizon does a good job of making it look like they care about diversity but to them White women are all the diversity they need when it comes to leadership positions. They put prerequisites in job postings that they don’t hold White candidates to like “Must Relocate” or MBA preferred...They create a culture where POCs see each other as competition because they typically don’t hire many POCs at the same time within the same group for leadership positions.


Toxic for Black Professionals

Takeda is among the top 10 of biopharmaceutical companies in the world. It’s a huge organization, but diversity and inclusion is a top priority for them and it shows. Men and women of all backgrounds and nationalities are represented at various levels within the company...

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Not Toxic for Black Professionals

Well I recently found out that someone who graduated from my school a year after me and I’m the same role is making more than me, along with several others who are not black nor have as much experience. Also no black editors at all. Editors once told me they were worried about hiring me because all my experiences had been at places like JET and

The Daily Mail

Toxic for Black Professionals

Had three interviews for a marketing positions and didn’t get the position even though they said I interviewed great. 95 percent of the marketing team is white and I had better qualifications then most. They never told me why I didn’t get it but a close friend in the company said it was corporate racism.


Toxic for Black Professionals

Being one of the very few people of color, I was over looked multiple times for a position which I had experience and willingness to educate myself to strengthen my experience. Opportunities went to interns, outside hires who did not last and did not have institutional knowledge. In these cases I was tasked with their onboarding which seemed like a slap in the face. Some of these hired did not lasted as long as a month yet, I wasn't provided an opportunity to be hired for this role.

Eden Housing

Toxic for Black Professionals

During the most recent revival of BLM, my leadership came to me to ask if I needed anything, to see how I was handling the current killings of our black brothers and sisters, and to offer support and solidarity. It did not feel fake (all accept from one director) and I believe that they truly understood BLM and its mission. At the time I was one of three black employees and one of four POC.

Eastern Carolina Housing Organization

Not Toxic for Black Professionals
02. What We Do

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